Technology rich localization services

Techno-rich, hassle-free

WhP's expertise enables their customers
to become global content publishers

Terminology focused localization services

Terminology experts

Using the right word every time

Localization services for technology companies

Technology customers

Technology companies focus on innovation
and time to market. They rely on WhP
for their multilingual content.

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Streamlining DITA
& localization

WhP localization workflow
piggy backs on your CCMS

Daunting – that is how big the challenge is for growing technology companies who want to use content to reach their customers.

Technical content must be terminology rich, legally sound and cover the entire customer experience. Localization adds another layer of complexity.

As a Localization Services Provider, WhP helps growing technology companies become global software and content publishers.

WhP Localization Management Team

The localization expertise we have built since 1994 enables us to provide the most advanced solutions and make our customers’ localization simple and dependable. Our priorities are on-time delivery, subject matter expertise and technology-based cost reduction.
WhP localizes all file and output formats and delivers ready-to-use technical documents, software, websites, customer support and training material.

At WhP we love to go beyond providing off-the-shelf localization services. Our expertise in structured content management, and more specifically DITA, enables us to lower localization costs by up to 30%.