WhP localization for the life science  industryLife sciences are a highly regulated market where content liability is high and the customers’ health is in most instances at stake. Companies prioritize risk mitigation and content traceability. In order to be licensed to sell their products, they need to provide extensive documentation in the local language. In addition they must ensure proper training of the professionals and end users of their product.

Life science localization requires expertise and transparency:

  • Expert translators in their field in all their languages ( often in 30-50 languages)
  • Subject Matter Experts in all target countries
  • Consistent terminology management
  • Detailed traceability of who translated and who reviewed, up to the sentence level
  • 100% confidence that all corrections are implemented

Beyond this standard requirement, they expect their localization partner to provide expertise in:

  • E-learning localization for their training programs
  • Structured content and more specifically DITA localization for medical device companies. They often provide many configurations of the same product.
  • Software localization for medical device companies, as their products increasingly integrate software.
Based in China, Mindray is one of the leading global providers of medical devices and solutions. Contrary to many other localization companies, the WhP Chinese subsidiary provides the same translation quality as the rest of the group, with high local expertise as well as competitive pricing.
Alice, Mindray