WhP localization for industrial automation applicationsIndustrial automation is a fragmented industry with some large players and a myriad of mid-size or niche companies. They usually market a large number of references with mid-size series for each reference. The corresponding documentation is usually built using structured content that allows content reuse across the different products. It relies more and more on the DITA standard. Many of these companies also market configuration or supervision software.

As far as automation localization is concerned, suppliers need to provide literature in the historically leading languages, spoken in Western Europe and Japan. More recently, they have expanded to developing countries where their products and solutions are required: China, Brazil, Russia, Turkey, and Arabic Countries.

They request from their localization provider consistent expertise and transparency:

  • Expert translators in their field in all their languages
  • Consistent terminology management
  • Process optimization to ensure cost effective services
  • Ability to handle all their content (technical documentation, marketing material, illustrated parts catalog, training content, wiring diagrams…)
  • E-learning localization expertise for their training programs
  • Structured content and DITA localization, as the same product is available in a wide range of configurations.