Dominique Trouche – President/CEO

Dominique Trouche joined WhP in 2005 as Managing Director. Before joining WhP, Dominique managed several multinational operations in various European countries, the US and South America. A graduate of the Ecole Centrale de Paris, Dominique has more than 20 years experience in managing companies providing services to large international accounts.


Graham Moller – CTO

Graham joined WhP in 1997, and has been in the localization business since 1989, working for the International Localization Center of Digital Equipment/HP ISE in Sophia Antipolis, France. Specializing in new language and communication technologies, including single sourcing combined with CMS frameworks and efficient workflow systems, Graham focuses on new solutions in terms of GMS, CMS, CAT tools, Machine Translation and QA tools.


Christian Dyrlund – CFO

Prior to joining WhP, Christian held management positions for several multinational companies in Europe, most recently as a Financial Controller at Alcan Packaging. He has gained extensive experience in finance and human resources with an international focus. Christian graduated from the Copenhagen Business School, and holds a Masters Degree in strategy and finance.


Estefania Belleudi – COO

Estefania manages the Operations department at WhP headquarters in Sophia Antipolis. Estefania joined WhP in 2002 as Project manager and assumed the Operations management responsibilities in 2006. Prior to joining WhP, Estefania was Business Unit Manager at Lionbridge. She has been working in the localization industry since 1993 and has developed a strong expertise in Software, Telecom and Multimedia localization. Estefania has extensive experience in managing comprehensive multilingual projects in end-to-end software.   Estefania is perfectly fluent in English, Spanish and French.