Software UI terms: an alternative to writing inline

By - Blog - DITA - Software Localization - 1 December 2015

Technical writers typically write UI (User Interface) terms inline, because writing – software being no exception – flows out word after word, sentence after sentence. We present here a different approach, externalization, that can make writing more agile, consistent across multiple tools, collaborative and keyword-rich. In this article, we present […]

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Why we hate localizing PDF files

By - Blog - Industry Knowledge - 29 July 2013

pdf-word-translationWe are very often requested to localize PDF files for brochures and datasheet especially when their creation was outsourced to a creation agency. We always ask our customer to provide us with source files since there are a lot of drawbacks […]


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L10N, T9N, I18N or G11N–a new language?

By - Blog - Industry Knowledge - 28 October 2017

I bet you have encountered the acronyms L10N, T9N or I18N and you’re wondering what they mean. The answer is simple: in our industry, we all look for ways to be more productive. We realized that we kept writing long words such as Localization, Translation or Internationalization and we […]

L10N T9N

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