#14 How CMS and TMS architecture impacts localization

By - Blog - DITA - DITA Loc Wire - 18 September 2019

End of June, we published the sixth article in our series: Six reasons for preferring raw DITA to XLIFF for localization. We concluded that the raw DITA format was better than XLIFF to transfer content between the CCMS (Component […]

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#13 Six reasons for implementing Simplified Technical English

By - Blog - DITA - DITA Loc Wire - 10 September 2019

The Holy Grail of content developers is to deliver the right content, at the right time, to the right audience, in the right format. To accomplish this goal, we have structured authoring and information architectures giving rise to omni-channel publishing, which […]

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#11 Twelve tips on sentence length and structure for localization

By - Blog - DITA - DITA Loc Wire - 20 August 2019

Shorter sentences are easier to understand for the reader and the translator. When writing for non-native speakers and translation, you can aid comprehension by limiting your sentence length to 25 or fewer words. Longer, more complex sentences create a cognitive load […]

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