Sophie Rosier with Acsel Digital Transformation rewardBeginning of May, AXA received the Digital Transformation prize from Acsel, the French association that fosters the growth of the digital economy. AXA’s Do You Speak Digital serious game project, led by Sophie Rosier, Head of the Group’s Digital Academy, proved to be a huge success in providing digital literacy to the 162,000 AXA collaborators. We interview Sophie and Charlotte Ringrave, the Roll-Out Program Manager to find out what contributed to the success of Do You Speak Digital.

Can you tell us what Do You Speak Digital consists of?

Sophie Rosier: “It is a gamified Corporate Open Online Course (COOC), integrating videos, quizzes, collaborative games and its own social network. Its ultimate objective is to improve the quality of our customer service by leveraging digital tools. To attain this goal, we need to bring AXA collaborators up-to-speed on every aspect of digital practices, starting from search and moving onto social media, data security, big data and e-commerce. For each topic, we explain the principles, how to apply them in our personal lives and how we apply them to AXA’s growth. The training is meant to be an eye-opener that will trigger new digital behaviors.”

In what format was the training developed?

The e-learning interface looks like a Facebook wallSophie Rosier: “It was developed in full web, to enable learners to access the modules on any device. The look and feel resemble a Facebook wall, with links to the training material, a “my progress” page with the trophies earned and a “connect with my colleagues” page.”

Reaching out to all the staff members required localization. How did you go about it?

Charlotte Ringrave: “The modules were made available to our teams in 35 countries and we chose to localize them in 11 languages, split into 6 translated in-house and 5 outsourced to WhP: German, Spanish, Dutch, Japanese, Italian and English (for review only).  As the AXA confidentiality guidelines did not allow us to open the e-learning platform to the WhP team, we converted the HTML content into XL sheets and exchanged content using English as the pivot language. WhP built up a glossary with each module and made sure the terminology was used consistently in the five modules, which turned out to be challenging as time elapsed between the modules and some AXA locations disagreed on terminology.

Once the text was approved, the videos were recorded, again by WhP. Each video consists of a speaker with motion design elements running in the background. WhP provided us UN-Style voice-over videos, whereby the speaker’s voice is kept but is covered by the translator’s voice with a short delay. WhP recommended this method, as it makes more sense than a European-looking speaker presenting in Japanese.”

 What made Do You Speak Digital a prize-winner?

Sophie Rosier: “With Do You Speak Digital, we chose to approach instruction in a unique way. First of all, we designed it to be fun and captivating.  As enrollment is based on free will, the learner needs to get naturally drawn into exploring all the topics in the module, as well as invite his colleagues and managers. The games create new relationships between collaborators, who challenge each other on equal grounds.  To enhance the fun aspect, we designed the training to be accessible anytime, anywhere and on any device – they can even access it on the weekend or on holiday.”

 How do WhP’s localization services contribute to the success of Do You Speak Digital?

Charlotte Ringrave: “I found I could rely 100% on WhP’s deliverables, both in terms of quality and lead-time, which allowed me to pay closer attention to the translation that was carried out in-house by AXA teams abroad. WhP were also very reactive when changes were made and last minute translations were required. Finally, they made sure that terminology was consistent throughout the modules”.