Do you buy localization like you buy fish?Many things are only one click away, and localization is no exception. Google Translate, Skype Translator, the World Lens android app and instant translation agencies cater for the instantaneous, low precision content, such as chats and customer feedback.

There is one thing we at WhP are not good at: translating by the pound (or the gallon, or the mile). Expertise is an essential ingredient of our services, and we apply it to solve complex localization projects involving over twenty languages, niche terminology, multiple reviewers and tight schedules.

Expertise in localization is what we want to share with you today more than ever before. Our new strategy focuses on helping our technology customers become more mature in their global content generation process. Our new website unveils our new strategy and offering. XpR-Select, XpR-Translate and XpR-Drive group the same services as before, yet they are packaged to help you better understand the steps involved in localization. XpR-Integrate goes further, optimizing your process for localization-friendly content management.

Are there any unanswered questions that keep localization in a haze? We’d love to address them in a future article. You can send them to