#1 Introducing DITA localization best practices

By , 7 May 2019

DITA and localization icon

According to our inquiries, over 95% of DITA adoption projects are driven by an ROI exclusively funded by savings in localization. It’s indeed harder to factor in enhanced user […]

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Kit Brown Hoekstra joins WhP DITA localization team

By , 25 March 2019

A growing number of companies using DITA realize they are not getting the ROI they were expecting from localization; others want their content creation and localization to be more agile. They frequently request support from WhP, a leader in […]

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E-learning leader Skill & You goes international with translation partner WhP

By , 14 March 2019

Gaëlle Féchant’s voice is crisp and firm, the tone of an expert. Head of Education at Skill & You since 2016, she is focusing on creating new training programs, industrializing processes and going international, as the French e-learning leader continues to grow at a two-digit pace.

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Osez le Mobile Learning multilingue !

By , 29 May 2018

En tant que Responsable de la formation, vous hésitez à monter dans la fusée du mobile learning. Les freins sont nombreux : les apprenants ne sont pas tous des digital natives, vos formateurs sont pour certains encore attachés à Powerpoint et aux formations en salle, et l’accessibilité depuis un smartphone […]

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Can your linguistic provider handle MadCap Flare translation?

By , 26 September 2017

MadCap Flare translation

Structured content is more than a fad; it’s a deep-seated trend. The internet and its by-products, namely personalization, globalization, shorter product lifetimes and concentration span – all shout for easier access to information for the user and more efficient […]

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How to do Linguistic sign-off with DITA

By , 23 June 2017

When your company sets up a DITA process, you achieve most of the operational targets as far as content re-use is concerned. Two aspects can fall short of expectations: Localization costs remain the same, […]

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Experts on DITA and e-learning

By , 13 June 2017

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Presenting DITA for Digital Learning at DITA NA

By , 17 March 2017

Digital Learning is usually the furthest silo in a company’s content process. DITA 1.3 gives us the opportunity to take DITA  to the next level and integrate Digital Learning. The benefits of DITA will expand to the whole enterprise and […]

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4 tips to localize e-learning videos featuring actors

By , 25 November 2016

E-learning video localization

Each e-learning project I have managed is like a journey – with a distant destination, a choice of itineraries and unforeseen challenges. With experience, I have become a seasoned traveler and would like to share some tips […]

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6 tips to migrate multilingual content

By , 22 November 2016

In 2016, Margaret Devere, Information Architect at Micro Motion, a business unit of Emerson Automation Solutions, set off on a challenging task: migrate the manual for the Model 5700 transmitter from a SharePoint-based CCMS to the XDocs CCMS from Bluestream. The 350-page manual had been written in English, and […]

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