#2 How to translate cultural references in e-learning

Cultural references are the customs and habits specific to a social group. As a linguistic services provider, we come across two types of cultural references in e-learning content: the first one is part of the storyboard, while the second one is hidden in the details. Whether you are a […]

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# 1 How to reconcile technical documentation and training content

breaking_silos_tech_doc_trainingAt first glance, a technical writer and an instructional designer share the same goal: convert the technical specifications provided by engineering into information that is understood by the users. A slight nuance separates them nonetheless: technical documents aim at giving comprehensive and in-context information […]

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The Owl Wire, your e-learning content translation guide

By - Blog - E-learning - 11 May 2020

Next to Darwin’s finch that illustrates our DITA blog series, the DITA Loc Wire, we’re launching our owl series. The symbol of wisdom, our owl will keep an eye over our new series of posts dedicated to e-learning translation.

Like the DITA Loc Wire, […]

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E-learning leader Skill & You goes international with translation partner WhP

By - Blog - E-learning - Uncategorized - 14 March 2019

Gaëlle Féchant’s voice is crisp and firm, the tone of an expert. Head of Education at Skill & You since 2016, she is focusing on creating new training programs, industrializing processes and going international, as the French e-learning leader continues to grow at a two-digit pace.

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Osez le Mobile Learning multilingue !

En tant que Responsable de la formation, vous hésitez à monter dans la fusée du mobile learning. Les freins sont nombreux : les apprenants ne sont pas tous des digital natives, vos formateurs sont pour certains encore attachés à Powerpoint et aux formations en salle, et l’accessibilité depuis un smartphone […]

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Experts on DITA and e-learning

By - Blog - DITA - E-learning - Training - 13 June 2017

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Presenting DITA for Digital Learning at DITA NA

By - Blog - DITA - E-learning - 17 March 2017

Digital Learning is usually the furthest silo in a company’s content process. DITA 1.3 gives us the opportunity to take DITA  to the next level and integrate Digital Learning. The benefits of DITA will expand to the whole enterprise and […]

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4 tips to localize e-learning videos featuring actors

By - Blog - E-learning - Uncategorized - 25 November 2016

E-learning video localization

Each e-learning project I have managed is like a journey – with a distant destination, a choice of itineraries and unforeseen challenges. With experience, I have become a seasoned traveler and would like to share some tips […]

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