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Can your linguistic provider handle MadCap Flare translation?

MadCap Flare translation

Structured content is more than a fad; it’s a deep-seated trend. The internet and its by-products, namely personalization, globalization, shorter product lifetimes and concentration span – all shout for easier access to information for the user and more efficient […]

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Let your DITA localization rock!

By - Blog - DITA - Localization Process - 23 September 2016

Let our DITA localization rockYou have successfully switched to DITA. You are enjoying the benefits of content reuse and glad to rid yourself of the desktop publishing hassle. Localization however is more of a grey area for you. Is your historical Language Services […]

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Our new Augmented Review at DITA NA

By - Blog - DITA - Localization Process - WhP News - 26 February 2016

CMS_2016WhP is excited to take part in this year’s DITA conference. We hope to generate interest and interaction, as we unveil the prototype of our  new solution for linguistic review.

Linguistic review or sign-off consists in checking the […]

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ISO 17100: the translation standard essentials

By - Blog - Localization Process - 29 September 2015

ISO 17100:2015 sets the framework for the translating process. It supersedes EN 15038:2006 and provides requirements for the core processes, resources, and other aspects necessary for the delivery of a quality translation service.

Unlike its fellow standards such as ISO 9001, it can be certified in-house and does not require the […]

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Three savvy ways to localize screen captures

Screen capture localization is an arduous exercise that requires much more than pressing the “Print Screen” key. Yet if a picture tells a thousand words, just imagine the usefulness of screen capture-rich user documentation! Users love screen captures in user guides, because they make for a seamless transition from the […]

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Do you buy localization like you buy fish?

By - Blog - Localization Process - 20 March 2015

Do you buy localization like you buy fish?Many things are only one click away, and localization is no exception. Google Translate, Skype Translator, the World Lens android app and instant translation agencies cater for the instantaneous, low precision content, such as chats […]

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Being a project manager – How to conduct a localization project

The question “What do you do?” often pops up in conversations among friends or family. The answer is not straightforward. What does a project manager in the localization industry do? And first of all, what is localization?

To make it short, the localization industry deals with translation – […]

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Translated content does not appear on my MAC

PC & MAC Fonts


We recently received a message from a customer.

“Hi guys, you made an excellent job for localizing my web content from the Excel file into all requested languages in this very short time! However, Korean content does not display. […]

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