Can your linguistic provider handle MadCap Flare translation?

By , 26 September 2017

MadCap Flare translation

Structured content is more than a fad; it’s a deep-seated trend. The internet and its by-products, namely personalization, globalization, shorter product lifetimes and concentration span – all shout for easier access to information for the user and more efficient […]

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How to do Linguistic sign-off with DITA

By , 23 June 2017

When your company sets up a DITA process, you achieve most of the operational targets as far as content re-use is concerned. Two aspects can fall short of expectations: Localization costs remain the same, […]

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Experts on DITA and e-learning

By , 13 June 2017

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Presenting DITA for Digital Learning at DITA NA

By , 17 March 2017

Digital Learning is usually the furthest silo in a company’s content process. DITA 1.3 gives us the opportunity to take DITA  to the next level and integrate Digital Learning. The benefits of DITA will expand to the whole enterprise and […]

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4 tips to localize e-learning videos featuring actors

By , 25 November 2016

E-learning video localization

Each e-learning project I have managed is like a journey – with a distant destination, a choice of itineraries and unforeseen challenges. With experience, I have become a seasoned traveler and would like to share some tips […]

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6 tips to migrate multilingual content

By , 22 November 2016

In 2016, Margaret Devere, Information Architect at Micro Motion, a business unit of Emerson Automation Solutions, set off on a challenging task: migrate the manual for the Model 5700 transmitter from a SharePoint-based CCMS to the XDocs CCMS from Bluestream. The 350-page manual had been written in English, and […]

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Let your DITA localization rock!

By , 23 September 2016

Let our DITA localization rockYou have successfully switched to DITA. You are enjoying the benefits of content reuse and glad to rid yourself of the desktop publishing hassle. Localization however is more of a grey area for you. Is your historical Language Services […]

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AXA awarded for multilingual serious game

By , 6 July 2016

Sophie Rosier with Acsel Digital Transformation rewardBeginning of May, AXA received the Digital Transformation prize from Acsel, the French association that fosters the growth of the digital economy. AXA’s Do You Speak Digital serious game project, led by […]

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Experts talk DITA & localization – Michael Priestley

By , 17 May 2016

160517_Michael_PriestleyFor those familiar with DITA, the name Michael Priestley speaks for itself. One of the founding fathers of the standard since its beginning in 2000, he is an Enterprise Content Technology Strategist at IBM, where he started working twenty two […]

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Fabrice Lacroix, on multilingual search

By , 22 March 2016

English-speaking technical product users rely greatly on the internet. They can find answers in English to their product enquiries on the manufacturer support sites and user communities.  They solve their problem rapidly, with a comforting sense of fulfillment. But for […]

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