Our new Augmented Review at DITA NA

By , 26 February 2016

CMS_2016WhP is excited to take part in this year’s DITA conference. We hope to generate interest and interaction, as we unveil the prototype of our  new solution for linguistic review.

Linguistic review or sign-off consists in checking the […]

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The DITA bird – on a quest to find its origins

By , 21 December 2015

DITA woodpecker finchAs we are only days away from Christmas, here’s on a lighter note the story we unveiled about the DITA bird.

The DITA bird looks like a common backyard sparrow pecking at the ground for a grain or a […]

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Experts talk DITA and localization – Ray Fan

By , 11 November 2015

We started our DITA tour in July, interviewing Keith Schengili-Roberts, JoAnn Hackos and Julian Murfitt. We now head East and stop in China. Our goal is to find out how DITA is faring in the region and what its prospects are. We meet Ray Fan, who has been working with DITA for five […]

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WhP welcomes DITA expert, Paul Coinaud

By , 16 October 2015

WhP technology customers are turning to structured content, and in particular DITA, to optimize their technical content generation. Paul Coinaud is an invaluable addition to our team as he has come across the same challenges as our customers and successfully implemented DITA in a variety of industries and company configurations.

In […]

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ISO 17100: the translation standard essentials

By , 29 September 2015

ISO 17100:2015 sets the framework for the translating process. It supersedes EN 15038:2006 and provides requirements for the core processes, resources, and other aspects necessary for the delivery of a quality translation service.

Unlike its fellow standards such as ISO 9001, it can be certified in-house and does not require the […]

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Experts talk DITA and localization – Julian

By , 11 September 2015

Having interviewed Keith Schengili-Roberts and Joann Hackos, we thought we would be running out of ideas by the third interview on DITA and localization. Talking to Julian Murfitt and Joe Pairman from Mekon brought a whole new perspective to the subject – probably because they are British and their culture […]

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Experts talk DITA and localization – JoAnn

By , 17 July 2015

Our series on DITA and localization continues, after our interview of Keith Schengili-Roberts at the beginning of July. This week we speak to another expert and key influencer in the DITA community, JoAnn Hackos.


Dr.  JoAnn Hackos is […]

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Experts talk DITA and localization – Keith

By , 2 July 2015

This summer we are bringing together a team of renowned experts to share views on the DITA* standard, companies using it and how to successfully tie localization into the process. Keith Schengili-Roberts, JoAnn Hackos and Julian Murfitt will take turns in being our guest stars, and we will have additional surprises down the […]

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How a pre-school friendship paves the way for a career in translating

By , 10 June 2015

Martin Hemmings started his freelance translating career in 2006 and is one of WhP’s outstanding vendors. His love of French actually started when he was a four and a half year old boy, playing in the street with a French neighbor. When his friend moved back to France with his […]

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Eleven do’s and don’ts in software localization

By , 13 May 2015

There’s a fact that software developers have grown to accept: to reach your global market penetration goals for a new software package, you have to localize it, whether it is an app for mobile devices or an ERP. Localization should be integrated from day one in the software development process. When […]

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