Experts talk DITA and localization – JoAnn

By , 17 July 2015

Our series on DITA and localization continues, after our interview of Keith Schengili-Roberts at the beginning of July. This week we speak to another expert and key influencer in the DITA community, JoAnn Hackos.


Dr.  JoAnn Hackos is […]

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Experts talk DITA and localization – Keith

By , 2 July 2015

This summer we are bringing together a team of renowned experts to share views on the DITA* standard, companies using it and how to successfully tie localization into the process. Keith Schengili-Roberts, JoAnn Hackos and Julian Murfitt will take turns in being our guest stars, and we will have additional surprises down the […]

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How a pre-school friendship paves the way for a career in translating

By , 10 June 2015

Martin Hemmings started his freelance translating career in 2006 and is one of WhP’s outstanding vendors. His love of French actually started when he was a four and a half year old boy, playing in the street with a French neighbor. When his friend moved back to France with his […]

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Eleven do’s and don’ts in software localization

By , 13 May 2015

There’s a fact that software developers have grown to accept: to reach your global market penetration goals for a new software package, you have to localize it, whether it is an app for mobile devices or an ERP. Localization should be integrated from day one in the software development process. When […]

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Three savvy ways to localize screen captures

By , 21 April 2015

Screen capture localization is an arduous exercise that requires much more than pressing the “Print Screen” key. Yet if a picture tells a thousand words, just imagine the usefulness of screen capture-rich user documentation! Users love screen captures in user guides, because they make for a seamless transition from the […]

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Do you buy localization like you buy fish?

By , 20 March 2015

Do you buy localization like you buy fish?Many things are only one click away, and localization is no exception. Google Translate, Skype Translator, the World Lens android app and instant translation agencies cater for the instantaneous, low precision content, such as chats […]

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Four variants to untranslated content

By , 30 August 2013

In our last post, we talked about how we deal with software variants in localization projects. As far as software goes, you have roughly two cases:  the software is translated and available in various languages. OR, the software is not translated and only […]

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Software options in localization projects

By , 14 August 2013

The most common place where you are liable to find mentions of software options is in the online help belonging to the product itself.
The next place is in the product documentation (User’s Guide, etc).
But then, it is also very common that in a localization project, we need to deal […]

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Why we hate localizing PDF files

By , 29 July 2013

pdf-word-translationWe are very often requested to localize PDF files for brochures and datasheet especially when their creation was outsourced to a creation agency. We always ask our customer to provide us with source files since there are a lot of drawbacks […]


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Close to you—Shanghai Office

By , 11 June 2013


Shanghai, the economic capital and the most populous city in China.

Located in eastern China, at the middle portion of the Chinese coast, and sits at the mouth of the Yangtze River, it is the place where world meets China : Large […]

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