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#3 How to staff the translation of your e-learning project

By - Blog - The Owl Wire - 2 July 2020

Did you know that translating an e-learning project can involve over 80 people, often working in a short timeframe? There can be a delay in the start date, as the design work gets caught up in unexpected technical issues. The delivery date, however, is set […]

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#2 How to translate cultural references in e-learning

Cultural references are the customs and habits specific to a social group. As a linguistic services provider, we come across two types of cultural references in e-learning content: the first one is part of the storyboard, while the second one is hidden in the details. Whether you are a […]

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# 1 How to reconcile technical documentation and training content

breaking_silos_tech_doc_trainingAt first glance, a technical writer and an instructional designer share the same goal: convert the technical specifications provided by engineering into information that is understood by the users. A slight nuance separates them nonetheless: technical documents aim at giving comprehensive and in-context information […]

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