#7 Enhance your DITA practices with peer review

To write content that is consistent as well as easy to reuse and maintain, technical writers should abide by the DITA authoring rules. Some of them belong to the information model, others to the style guide.

  • Terminology
  • Style
  • Conditionalizing
  • Naming conventions
  • Metadata
  • Links
  • Specialization or output classes
  • Glossary
  • Content re-use

We would appreciate […]

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Kit Brown Hoekstra joins WhP DITA localization team

By - Blog - Uncategorized - WhP News - 25 March 2019

A growing number of companies using DITA realize they are not getting the ROI they were expecting from localization; others want their content creation and localization to be more agile. They frequently request support from WhP, a leader in […]

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E-learning leader Skill & You goes international with translation partner WhP

By - Blog - E-learning - Uncategorized - 14 March 2019

Gaëlle Féchant’s voice is crisp and firm, the tone of an expert. Head of Education at Skill & You since 2016, she is focusing on creating new training programs, industrializing processes and going international, as the French e-learning leader continues to grow at a two-digit pace.

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Osez le Mobile Learning multilingue !

En tant que Responsable de la formation, vous hésitez à monter dans la fusée du mobile learning. Les freins sont nombreux : les apprenants ne sont pas tous des digital natives, vos formateurs sont pour certains encore attachés à Powerpoint et aux formations en salle, et l’accessibilité depuis un smartphone […]

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4 tips to localize e-learning videos featuring actors

By - Blog - E-learning - Uncategorized - 25 November 2016

E-learning video localization

Each e-learning project I have managed is like a journey – with a distant destination, a choice of itineraries and unforeseen challenges. With experience, I have become a seasoned traveler and would like to share some tips […]

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WhP welcomes DITA expert, Paul Coinaud

By - Blog - Uncategorized - WhP News - 16 October 2015

WhP technology customers are turning to structured content, and in particular DITA, to optimize their technical content generation. Paul Coinaud is an invaluable addition to our team as he has come across the same challenges as our customers and successfully implemented DITA in a variety of industries and company configurations.

In […]

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Three savvy ways to localize screen captures

Screen capture localization is an arduous exercise that requires much more than pressing the “Print Screen” key. Yet if a picture tells a thousand words, just imagine the usefulness of screen capture-rich user documentation! Users love screen captures in user guides, because they make for a seamless transition from the […]

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Website localization testimonial

By - Uncategorized - 9 February 2015

We manage an e-commerce website with 3 500 product references in childcare products, maternity and children’s fashion.  When we decided to target Belgium and Spain, our challenge was to replicate the website navigation and marketing material, emails included, in a very short time frame. […]

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Customer support Testimonial

By - Uncategorized - 3 February 2015

Amadeus e-Support Centre is an online web portal and knowledge base providing our customers with 24/7 access to a wide range of learning and support information and tools. It comprises over 5,000 indexed topics. Our localisation partner WhP set up a dedicated process to ensure […]

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