Shanghai, the economic capital and the most populous city in China.

Located in eastern China, at the middle portion of the Chinese coast, and sits at the mouth of the Yangtze River, it is the place where world meets China : Large multinational corporations set up their operation center in Shanghai, and compete for business opportunities in this land.

China has gradually become the major centers for multilingual localization centers as a result of globalization. To meet the demanding needs of localization services in China, WhP International, a leading localization company in Europe, has a representative in China since 2007 and officially established its office in 2009 in Shanghai.

The Shanghai office is a full subsidiary of WhP International, and has been successfully developing ever since and treats both international and local customers. Today, the Shanghai Office is an operation center to handle even complex projects and supports customers in the entire Asia Pacific Area. We provide a broad range of language and technological solutions in over 50 languages in a variety of industries, including IT, Software, Travel & Tourism, Industry. Our expertise is diversified in software localization, website localization, learning content localization, multimedia localization and terminology management, etc. We also have a dedicated website for game localization services in China.

Our Shanghai Office is located in the the historic Zhengyi Road, which is one of Shanghai’s most beautiful French Concession streets. “Most historic buildings have a bronze plaque that details their original use. The Fu Xing road is particularly interesting with a sprinkling of tucked-away shops and discreet cafes, a refreshing alternative to the city’s generally megalomaniac streetscape,” says Rainie Bai, Project Manager.

Whether you are an international company seeking localization services in China, or local enterprises looking for language services for globalization, WhP can provide services for all your needs. You can download White Papers to know more about our solutions, view localization services and contact us directly.