DITA woodpecker finchAs we are only days away from Christmas, here’s on a lighter note the story we unveiled about the DITA bird.

The DITA bird looks like a common backyard sparrow pecking at the ground for a grain or a crumb – nothing noteworthy.

The truth is we ignored the nature of the relationship between the bird and DITA, which stands for Darwin Information Typing Architecture.

What – or rather who – we found is Charles Darwin, the illustrious Naturalist and Geologist.

Charles Darwin DITA
Charles Darwin discovered that plants and animals inherit traits from their parents. Likewise, elements in DITA inherit attributes from parent elements.

The DITA bird is not a common sparrow, but a woodpecker finch. It is the ultimate living proof that a species’ instinct (what it inherits) allows it to survive. The woodpecker finch’s use of tools makes it the Darwin champion. Here’s why:

The woodpecker finch, endemic to the Galapagos Islands, feeds during the dry season on grubs and insects that thrive inside tree branches. As its tongue is too short, it uses a twig or a cactus spine to probe in the bark crevices and extract its juicy meal. It may adjust the length and the type of the tool to reach its target, a feat that is far beyond what a chimp is capable of.

The DITA bird = what you inherit makes you thrive = DITA content management principle

Have you got more insider information about how the DITA mascot came to life? What is drawn on a paper napkin, during a late night brainstorming session? Is one of the DITA creators an enthusiastic bird watcher?  We’d love to hear it!