Desktop Publishing (DTP)

The process of republishing translated documents to another language whilst preserving the same design and document layout as the original.

The desktop publishing of translated content is an essential process in creating quality error-free and functional documentation that your clients deserve.

WhP offers professional desktop publishing services as part of our true turn-key project management services and expertise in multilingual content translation.

Our in-house publishing team are experts in the major publishing tools on offer from Adobe, Microsoft, Corel and other editors in the publishing domain, please consult WhP for experience on specific tools – new or old – we still have requests to use Interleaf and PageMaker!
Our team is experienced in processing

Why is DTP required?

The text translation process is in the majority of cases externalized from the publishing tool, the text is translated using exchange formats that are compatible with Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tools. During the translation process many things will change; paragraph lengths – text expansion and contraction, index entry translation, headers, legends, table texts, cross-references, graphics… these changes will have an important impact on the translated document layout and will require review, resizing, re-pagination and final rebuilding of the automatic document features to regenerate language specific table of contents, indexes and cross-references…

WhP will always use the original artwork, templates and document masters to republish the translated documents; language specific requirements to change or modify fonts and styles for languages that are not supported by your design will be incorporated. As will modifications to reverse the page layout for right-to-left reading languages such as Arabic and Hebrew. For more information, please refer to our whitepaper on Arabic Localization Challenges.

WhP has extensive experience in creating print-ready PDF files containing crop and registration marks ready for your print supplier. Online PDF files optimized for the web with specific resolutions and file size. Conversions to web formats using compatible tools and migration to structured formats such as DITA, DocSource and OpenDoc. In essence, we can accompany you in producing and or reproducing translated documents identical in look and functionality to your original source language documents. Please contact us for further details for specific tools, requirements or conversions…