DITA and localization icon[Post 1 of the DITA Loc Wire series]

According to our inquiries, over 95% of DITA adoption projects are driven by an ROI exclusively funded by savings in localization. It’s indeed harder to factor in enhanced user experience, superior content quality, and more convenient maintenance.

However, our inquiry also reveals that three out of four companies adopting DITA do not reach their post-migration targets, even with three to four years’ maturity.

Thanks to our clients, we have dug deep into the intricacies of DITA content localization. We’ve found ways to improve the source content and structure so that languages roll out effortlessly and the DITA ROI is met.  We’re giving you access to our knowledge with the DITA Loc Wire, a series of best practice articles. Each hurdle is jumped over one at a time and comes with recommendations. Here are our most popular DITA Loc Wire posts:

We hope our guidelines will spare you time and confusion, wherever you are on your DITA journey.