WhP has been localizing training content for large IT customers since 1994. Over the years content shifted from pure classroom course content to eLearning and blended learning which combines both. Recently we have seen the emergence of new training methods, serious games and social training.

As far as localization is concerned, this shift has increased the number of competencies involved (multimedia engineers, voice talents, video producer, linguistic testing) and increased the project complexity (many different tools, file formats, Learning Content Management Systems)

WhP has developed a real expertise offering turnkey Learning Content and related multimedia localization, handling all this complexity on customers’ behalf and gained many customers whether corporate universities, customer support organization or dedicated training agencies deploying either off the shelf or customized training programs.

The creativity of your eLearning products has no limit, neither does WhP’s expertise. WhP will give them the local look and feel for users to have the same sensation they have when working on the original version, as if the Learning Content had been created for them rather than being translated from another language.


Quality expectations are generally high when working on Learning Content as cognitive experience should not be impeded by poor quality. It might also be the first contact with a prospect or a customer. However, when planning localization a number of decisions will need to be taken which will have a high impact on cost. A video for instance can be simply subtitled, dubbed or shot again with local actors. Depending on the option taken, price may vary from 1 to 10.

Learning Content tend to include a set of components, assembled within a CMS or integration tools. It is rather complex to make sure all the content has been included, assessed and quoted for. There might be hidden texts, or text included in images, animations or in embedded documents. Thanks to WhP’s expert engineers and their extensive knowledge of such projects all localizable assets will be identified from the very beginning. WhP will also advise your designers on how to build localization-friendly courseware to help you make significant savings in the future.

Efficient training courses generally include examples, characters, and situations…to make the training livelier. These examples are often “country specific” making “cultural references” that need to be totally changed for new markets:

  • A training course to be localized into Chinese was based on “who wants to be a millionaire” which was completely unknown in China
  • In a Serious Game for an automotive company, a customer called to get his air conditioning fixed, stating that it was not urgent. However in Arabic-speaking countries fixing this could be considered as rather urgent.
  • In a HR training, a video was showing an interview of a candidate. Both characters were Caucasian. We had to shoot another video with Asian characters for the Japanese, Chinese and Korean versions

Our project managers who have a long experience in localizing training content will be able to specify with you the whole project so that there will not be any surprise neither in cost nor in delay along the project duration.


The standard process applied for training content includes these steps:

  • Knowledge transfer
  • Identify the cultural references
  • Terminology/glossary extraction and validation
  • Validating the content structure and volume 
  • Content translation and review
  • Engineering to integrate the translated content
  • Audio recording
  • Video subtitling or dubbing 
  • Generation of the final version depending on content structure
  • Linguistic validation to ensure that all assembled localized components work correctly and the final display in-context is correct
  • Maintenance

Detailed sub-processes which are mastered by WHP engineers include:

  • Voice-overs recording and synchronization
  • Script creation, sometimes transcription of the original master
  • Script translation
  • Subtitle translation and production
  • Video production
  • Audio and video postproduction
  • Art and graphics localization
  • Animation localization

To deliver this service, WhP engineers master all the tools available on the market which are virtually impossible to list extensively here. The most significant are:

  • Adobe® Captivate®
  • Adobe® Premiere®
  • Adobe® Flash®
  • Atelier
  •  Audacity®
  • TechSmith Camtasia Studio
  •  …