Rather than provide mainstream localization, WhP has opted for high value-added process and techno-enabled services. We have honed our expertise in two domains: DITA and e-learning content. We rely on our partners to facilitate our access to tools and experts that complement what we know and practice, so we can provide our clients with targetted solutions fast.

The partners we work with share our vision and complement our localization offer:

Ixiasoft partner of WhP
Ixiasoft is a trusted leader in the content management software industry and provides award-winning products such as Ixiasoft CCMS to author, manage, translate and publish DITA content. We have developed integrated processes to make sure that our customers get the best value from the Ixiasoft and WhP solutions from the beginning, thus ensuring a shorter and higher ROI. WhP also localizes Ixiasoft products and website.
memoq is a Translation Management System provider. Their software has been chosen by WhP to carry out their own localization projects, while memoq relies on WhP’s expertise to help their clients using the DITA standard get the most out of their translation solutions.
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Bluestream WhP partner
Bluestream creates the XDocs CCMS, a standard-compliant single-sourcing solution that enables technical writers to create, manage, publish and store large volumes of XML and non-XML content based on a single repository and a central folder structure. Bluestream and WhP have developed integrated processes to ensure that our customers get the best value from both solutions from the beginning, thus generating a faster and higher ROI.
Componize partner of WhP
Componize is a DITA CMS that optimizes large scale production of business-critical documents. Componize and WhP support the DITA standard that enables to implement a solid reuse strategy and reduce localization costs.
Comptech WhP partner
Comtech helps organizations provide effective products and information to their customers and employees. They focus on five major areas: content management solutions, information management and design, structured information design, industry benchmark research, and education and training. Comtech and WhP work together to advise prospects and customers on the best localization processes using webinars and conferences.
Mekon WhP partner
Mekon specializes in content creation, content strategies, content management and dynamic content delivery solutions increasing the effectiveness of business content and technical communications. Mekon and WhP work together to advise prospects and customers on the best localization processes and dynamic multilingual publishing. Together we design processes that accelerate ROI.
Antidot WhP partner
Antidot’s dynamic content publishing solution transforms the way users experience technical documentation. This solution gives life to digital information so that the tech doc users can dynamically reuse, shape and share the content they need. Multilingual dynamic delivery requires specific expertise that WhP and Fluid Topics bring together to the market.
DITA Strategies develops tailored information architecture solutions to help clients future-enable their content and create new business opportunities. Our DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture) Specialists work with WhP to provide information architecture support for a wide variety of organizations, including training & education, technical publications, customer support, professional services, and marketing, across a range of industries.