Do you provide technological companies a content or globalization strategy?  If so, we would love to connect with you; we already partner with consultants in Europe, contributing our localization solutions and processes. The synergy of both our offerings enables to put together a fully-integrated solution, from strategy definition to implementation and quality review.

WhP’s localization services can add value to your consulting work

  • Expertise in localization best practices
  • Assistance in reviewing current practices and recommending improvements, based on the ROI analysis.

If we have the opportunity to provide localization services to your customer, you can benefit from our partner program; contact us for more details.

When I met WhP I realized that the value of their expertise, processes, track record and positioning ties in perfectly with my consultancy work. I have initiated contacts with WhP and most of them were fruitful and brought significant value-added to my clients.
Noz Urbina, Urbina Consulting
To access the list of consultants currently partnering with WhP, click here.