Engineering companies focus on innovation, R&D, and technology. Their customers want to tackle those challenges and globalization. Partnering with WhP can help address the latter.

Reaching out to markets abroad can be challenging for engineering companies

  • Providing global engineering support to your customer
  • Offering multilingual services to your customer
  • Widening your offer to secure the relationship with your customers and keep competition at bay

WhP is your ideal localization services partner

  • We already work with the world’s leading engineering companies
  • We set up efficient processes and technology to guarantee service quality
  • We act as a tier 2 supplier. We can white label our services or make a joint proposal; we do not address your customer directly unless it makes sense to you.
  • We provide you with competitive pricing so that you can add you own markup while remaining competitive.
Schneider Electric outsourced its Technical Publication management to Assystem, who committed to a significant increase in quality and productivity every year. Through close collaboration between our authoring teams and WhP’s localization teams we achieved these improvements and grew our business with Schneider Electric.
Adrian May, Assystem

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