Supercharge the localization of your DITA content
with WhP and memoq

Reaching your DITA Return On Investment can be challenging.
With WhP, the leading localization consultant and service provider for DITA content,
you improve your bottom line and linguistic quality.

Author localization-ready content and improve processes with WhP consulting services

  • Style guide improvement, pilot projects, content migration
  • Process analysis, TMS selection, filter and workflow tuning, ad hoc software design, linguistic asset cleaning

Deliver high-quality multilingual content with WhP localization services

  • Seamless integration with the CCMS or Repo such as Xdocs, Ixiasoft, Tridion Docs and Github
  • Expert DITA and subject matter translators working in their mother tongue

Review your localized content with WhP’s exclusive Augmented Review


memoq has selected WhP’s consultants to help their DITA clients get the most out of their translation solutions


As an independent consultant, WhP is technology agnostic, both in the fields of DITA and translation. We recommend the solution that best fits our client’s business objectives.

For our own services, we opted for memoq translation technology for its value added:

  • Proven scalable technology
  • Available on the cloud, on the premises or hosted
  • Designed by translators for translators
  • Augmented Translation concept for higher quality and productivity
  • Access to indexed reference content
  • Versatile APIs to support WhP’s DITA layer