Training companies focus on knowledge transfer and personal development, providing off-the-shelf or customized programs to global customers. They may comprise Instructor Led Training, e-Learning courses, examples and exercises and rely on an array of technologies: textual content in a LCMS, audio, video, and animations.

Deploying the programs on a global scale can be challenging – they must be adapted to local cultures yet convey consistent messages.

As your localization services partner, WhP can complete your offering:

  • We have a proven track record of partnering with training companies and have an outstanding expertise in localizing training content
  • We set up efficient processes and technology to guarantee service quality
  • We act as a tier 2 supplier. We can white label our services or present a joint proposal; you remain the customer’s contact at all times unless you decide otherwise.
  • We provide you with competitive pricing so that you can add your own markup while remaining competitive.
As a digital learning solutions leader, we strive to provide the most advanced e-learning services. When it comes to localization we need a partner who masters our technologies and can deliver in virtually any language. WhP has demonstrated their expertise and their ability to manage the whole localization project, right up to populating our LCMS and performing final validation.  WhP adds substantial value to our offering by giving our customers the choice between already localized modules or localization they carry out themselves seamlessly from our platform.
Sophie Legrandois, CrossKnowledge