Specialized translators and translation agencies are untouchable in their niches. Beyond those boundaries there is additional business within reach if strategic partnerships are created. Combining the expertise of translators with the power of processes and cutting-edge tools such as those offered by WhP has enabled translation agencies to win new business.

WhP’s localization services can help you grow your business

  • We have a very high reputation on this market (expertise, professionalism, long term relationships)
  • We can take the lead of the project and entrust you with the share of the project that you are comfortable handling
  • We can bring you additional business from other customers
  • You can benefit from our partner program; contact us for more details.

The dedicated XpR-Select platform connects us to our network of expert translators and agencies. It allows you to create an account and build your profile, specifying your languages and fields of expertise. Come and join us if you aren’t on it yet!

I work for many localization companies, but I especially appreciate WhP for the support they provide. They have expert knowledge of the tools I use, provide me with important contextual information and truly understand the nature of my work. They conduct themselves in a fair and balanced manner and provide important feedback. As a result, I have an efficient and enjoyable working relationship with WhP that stretches back more than 10 years.
Martin Hemmings, Language Box Ltd.