WhP translation solutionFlow best describes WhP’s localization process. We have designed our own solution, XpR-Translate, to ensure that our brain work is backed by advanced translation CAT tools (computer-aided technology) and localization rolls out smoothly – even when it involves 50 languages, as in healthcare applications.

XpR-Translate features the following elements:

  • A platform for collaborative project management between our Project Manager, the translation experts and the customer reviewers.
  • A translation memory system that suggests the most relevant match based on previous translations. WhP has developed their own CAT solution, combining cascading memories, ICE (in context exact match), frequent segment analysis and advanced filtering.
  • Workflows to streamline the process
  • WYSIWYG interfaces so all the stakeholders follow the output in real time
  • Automated quality assurance to check compliance with terminology and business rules
We recently had a major release of our leading solution, to which we added two languages.  We had no latitude on the content freeze date that triggered the global product launch. We demonstrated, with the assistance of Assystem, our documentation management provider and their localization partner WhP,  how scalable our processes and technology are:  over three months they managed to deliver five million words in ten thousand files and eighty batches translated into seven languages. They coordinated concurrently over 100 translators and proofreaders.  I wonder how long it would have taken in our old manual process a few years ago.
Stéphane Lagache, Schneider