WhPlocalization project management solutionTime is of the essence to succeed in localization.

In 2013, WhP delivered 99.83% of the localization projects on time. XpR Drive, our collaborative project management solution, enables us to lay out each stage of the project and execute it smoothly.


XpR-Drive, WhP’s localization management solution, integrates the following processes:

  • Localization project team set-up

    WhP appoints a Project Manager for each customer; he or she is fully empowered to put together the localization team, lay out and execute the localization process. The localization team members are listed in XpR-Drive to give the customer visibility on who does what.

  • Communication and reporting

    XpR-Drive, WhP’s localization management solution, gives each project member access to the information he or she needs: project-related information, status reports, quarterly business reviews and real time financial reports.

  • Knowledge management

    Knowledge management plays a major role in our localization process. It consists in sorting, storing and sharing information within the project team. The knowledge management tool includes a terminology base, translation memory, style guides and a query database. It
    enables to save time, lower costs and reduce errors, as we build on the knowledge we have acquired from past projects.

  • Quality assurance

    XpR-Drive integrates quality control for each human task. All risks are properly addressed and quality indicators are monitored and remain within the agreed service levels.

  • Rapid customer set-up

    The first time we work with a customer, we learn about the company, its offering, environment and we map out our collaboration process. We also collect existing translation assets. This saves time and avoids errors once the project begins.