WhP multilingual content management solutionContent can be created on an ad-hoc basis by editors in separate departments (Marketing and Engineering for example). Content generation is not coordinated, writing is often redundant and messages can lack consistency. Add localization on top, with ten to twenty languages and the time and cost can become prohibitive.

As an expert in localization services and content management, WhP helps you to structure your content so that it is reused as often as possible on all collaterals, such as the website, technical documents, operator manuals and online support. As the volume of content naturally shrinks, so do your localization costs. Our customers’ localization costs decrease on average by 30% within two to three years.

XpR-Integrate is WhP’s solution that drives the change to localization-friendly content management. We partner with a content management expert to cover all aspects of the project. Once XpR-Integrate is rolled out, we can apply with optimal efficiency our localization process to select translators (XpR-Select) , translate content (XpR-Translate) and manage the project (XpR-Drive) .

The XpR-Integrate process:

WhP Localization optimization process