Linguistic review is often the weak link in the DITA localization process. It takes place once the linguistic provider has delivered the translation; your In-Country Reviewer steps in for a final round of editing, then he returns the changes for integration. The process is tedious, low tech and thus error-prone, especially if the editing is done using PDF files. The benefits of the DITA tools and workflow are lost.

Augmented Review by WhP

WhP’s solution respects the markups and logic of a DITA project,
making linguistic review leaner, faster and more integrated.

Our customers report significant improvements:

65%less time dedicated to the review process

85%cost savings

100%satisfaction from the In-Country-Reviewers

Augmented Review features

  • Web-based tool with simple navigation and commands
  • Comfortable side-by-side reading of source and target versions
  • Rapid color-based content scanning
  • Dynamic editing
  • Automatic integration to the translation tool and Memory
  • Supporting all features and versions of DITA
  • Supporting all localization methodologies

Try our Augmented Review

“ The Augmented Review tool is great. It saves our reviewers large amounts of time. The quality and consistency of our documentation has really improved.
— Andreea Fratila, Global Translation Manager, Emerson