Test the power of
enhanced DITA localization

You have chosen DITA, the best-in-class CMS to author and manage your content. You can choose to localize it with a DITA expert, one who brings your multilingual content generation to a higher level.
WhP specializes in DITA localization and has designed specific solutions to provide you:
WhP DITA localization finch
  • Higher productivity
  • Higher quality
  • Shorter time to market

How about testing the power of our solutions on your DITA content?
WhP offers to run a Proof of Concept – free of charge.

Here’s how it works

You provide us with

  • A full DITA Document, including graphics
  • DTDs
  • A Ditaval file for conditional text
  • A Translation Memory
  • Glossaries
  • Under an NDA

We give you a demo and guidelines to optimize your content for localization

  • Translator’s in-context preview
  • Multilingual Glossary
  • Augmented Review
  • Translation Memory analysis
  • A quote sample

The Proof of Concept will be delivered during a web conference.

I interviewed some Language Service Providers to translate our DITA content. WhP‘s Proof of Concept convinced me that their DITA-specific solution is the most advanced I could find.
When I saw that they built a DITA layer on top of their translation management system, I understood why they came so highly recommended by people I trust.”
Megan Gilhooly, Director of Information Experience, Ping