Customer support is the largest source of content generation for technology companies. It may
comprise user/operator manuals, maintenance and servicing manuals, spare parts lists, FAQs and
online help – some of our customers also include technical documentation. Its localization is strategic
for several reasons:

  • It impacts customer acquisition. In-depth and accessible content, whether on or offline, as
    well as customer feedback reveal the actual performance of a product as well as the
    supplier’s level of service. A potential customer will convert more readily if he finds positive
    customer feedback and detailed user information.
  • It impacts the way the product is used and maintained. It improves the customer’s
    experience and can avoid legal issues originating from improper use of the product.

WhP’s localization services integrate the processes and expertise required to handle complex and
high volume customer support content:

XpR-Integrate sets up the processes to write reusable content that reduces localization costs.
Content reuse applies particularly to customer support content, as it enables to generate easily
customized material for each model, down to the part number. Likewise the same content can be
published in several documents, including technical documentation.

XpR-Select recruits translation and subject matter experts with operational experience in the
customer’s industry.


  • Ensures terminology consistency accross all media
  • Integrates advanced workflows capable of processing rapidly content updates. It optimizes
    the text in each language to facilitate keyword search and navigation.
  • Handles files in any format, originating from any enterprise system such as CAD, the ERP and
    the spare parts catalog.

XpR-Drive manages the content in each language and ensures continuous improvement

  • On-time delivery
  • Management of versions
  • Quality control and correction
  • Quality indicators

WhP provides cutting-edge localization services that combine process and technical translation
expertise. Our customers have as a result rationalized customer support content and lowered one-
to-one user communication.

Amadeus e-Support Centre is an online web portal and knowledge base providing our customers with 24/7 access to a wide range of learning and support information and tools. It comprises over 5,000 indexed topics. Our localisation partner WhP set up a dedicated process to ensure high translation quality, while involving our local organisations to review the content. WhP also optimised the searchability of the localised versions. Thanks to this performance we achieved our targets in all countries.
Marie-Christine Cyprès, Amadeus