Software localization involves much more than translating the interface text strings. Software is executable, multimedia and constantly updated. WhP has been in software localization since 1994 and helps their customers adopt best practices, starting in the design phase.

WhP localizes every aspect of your software

As well as the interface text strings, WhP translates the menus, dialogs, hot keys, error messages, images, registration forms, disclaimers, manuals, online help and user generated forums. Adapting the text may be required for dates and numbers, sorting, contact information and payment methods. We also adapt the software to the country’s culture.

Agile translating and simship delivery

With WhP, software translation can start with the product still in beta test phase to enable the customer to launch the translated versions simultaneously or right after the source language version. Translation is carried out in real time and can follow the ensuing releases and updates. If we are localizing an update to existing software, we can leverage existing user interface translations to accelerate the process.

WhP’s localization services optimize multilingual software management

XpR-Select identifies the experts in software translation and review in the customer’s segment. A dedicated project team of WhP-certified translators is put together within two weeks.

XpR-Translate transforms the content

  • Source file review and analysis
  • Content extraction
  • Creation of instructions, validated glossaries and style guides for the translators
  • Translated content validation
  • Dialog box resizing
  • Hot key transformation
  • Functional and linguistic testing by QA engineers and in-country reviewers. Installation of the build on WhP servers and testing according to the customer’s test scripts and configuration
  • Delivery of glossaries, term bases and translation memories along with the software components

XpR-Drive manages the software localization and ensures continuous improvement

  • Deadline compliance
  • Integration of last minute changes prior to final build or code freeze
  • Quality control is performed for each human task
  • Quality indicators are reviewed during the Quarterly Business Reviews
  • All non-compliances, whether internal or reported by the customer, are immediately
    addressed, and the root cause is corrected
Easyvista is a fast growing public software editor deploying its offering in a growing number of countries. Management is fully focused on managing their growth. We were looking for a localization company with a guaranteed level of quality, a large language coverage, specialized in software localization and mature enough to advise us: WhP was our obvious choice.
Sylvain Gauthier, Easyvista
Kurmi publishes software solutions for major Unified Communication providers.  Two years ago, we signed a couple of strategic agreements with leading telecom operators in France and Japan who requested support in over 25 national languages. After a stringent selection process, we retained WhP who met our localization needs in less than 2 months and has been a reliable partner since.
Abdel Kander, Kurmi