A technology group publishes and manages a long list of technical documents for one product: data
sheet, installation and configuration manual, software, online assistance, maintenance manual,
manufacturing or testing procedures, assembly drawings, service bulletins, illustrated parts catalog.

With a record of hundreds of thousands of data modules, topics and information units, WhP have
developed accurate and efficient technical document translation solutions.

XpR-Integrate helps you design and optimize a localization- friendly technical content management
process that reduces authoring, desktop publishing as well as localization work.
XpR-Select brings together a team of expert translators in two weeks to give you maximum flexibility
right up to your product launch date.
XpR-Translate is at the core of our technical document translation process.

  • It filters the content, leaving only the to-be-translated content while preserving the content
  • It maximizes the reuse of previous translations
  • It ensures the proper terminology is applied across all media
  • It allows the translators, the reviewers and the customer subject matter expert to view the
    source and translated content in context
  • It handles large amounts of files in all formats, including graphics
  • It resizes the graphics in all languages
  • It validates the final delivery to ensure error-free material

XpR-Drive manages the project and ensures continuous improvement

  • Deadline compliance
  • Integration of last minute changes prior to finalization
  • Quality control after each human task
  • Quality indicators assessed during the quarterly Business Reviews. All non-compliances are
    immediately addressed, and the root cause corrected


The challenge of graphics in technical document translation

The space occupied by graphics in technical documents increases constantly to battle the boredom of
endless technical pages and to reduce translation volumes. WhP provides solutions to easily localize
screen captures, flow charts, wiring diagrams and illustrated parts lists.