stressed_employee_translation_projectWhen your e-learning program targets learners across the world, translation is key to your success. As an instructional designer, your role is to avoid the pitfalls that come with managing e-learning content translation. Here are the major ones: choosing improper formats and settings in your e-learning platform, creating content that isn’t relevant in every culture, getting overwhelmed by the slew of questions asked by your linguistic partner, and falling short in terms of deadline and budget.

With over 2,500 training modules translated, WhP helps academies, content creators and app designers create translation-ready content to engage learners worldwide and control costs.

We partner with you to engage your learners worldwide

One-stop-shop elearning translation

End-to-end translation

– We manage every content format: audio, video, multimedia and text.
– Our processes interface with every LMS on the market, as well as SCORM packages and mobile-first technologies. We can work directly in your back office, import and export the content.
– We coordinate the communication with each stakeholder
– We lead the review with the subject matter experts
– We test prior to delivery

Terminology management

Terminology integration

We create and manage a glossary and a Translation Memory to ensure the terminology is consistent with your enterprise content, as well as in future projects.

Cultural adaptation translation

Cultural adaptation

We look out for cultural references in the program that may upset a foreign learner’s experience and hinder retention. We’ll suggest alternatives and help you follow through.

Agile e-learning translation

Agile work mode

We work with you in real-time and can provide continuous translation so that we start translating before you finalize the source version.

Continuous improvement translation

Continuous improvement

Either before we kick off or upon finalization, we can advise you on how to design translation-ready content. Our best practices will enable you to save time and expenses on your translation project.

We translate all e-learning formats and apps

  • Voice-over recording and synchronization,
  • Script creation and transcription of the original master,
  • Script translation,
  • Subtitle translation and production,
  • Video production,
  • Audio and video post-production,
  • Animations and graphics,
  • Articulate, Captivate, Première, Docebo, Talentsoft, Docebo, Teach on Mars, Mohive, MOS Chorus, and more.

Our workflow for E-Learning localization

E-Learning Localization Workflow


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