Inbound marketing, the art of attracting target customers rather than shouting slogans to an indistinct crowd, is applied by any company who wants to exist in our global information-savvy economy. Inbound marketing requires becoming a media company, generating content that suits
each buyer persona – and preferably in his language.

WhP helps you transform your practices to become a truly global inbound marketer, from setting up a global content management system to publishing on-the-fly multilingual posts, videos and graphics.

WhP’s services for online content and  website translation cover:

  • All media types: static and dynamic content, videos, animations, rich media
  • Multilingual SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to improve website ranking and drive more traffic
  • Linguistic and cultural adaptation: visitors feel the website is created in their native language and local culture
  • Terminology management: creation and management of translation memories, glossaries and style guides that guarantee a consistent brand identity
  • Linguistic testing : Online text is reviewed by linguists to ensure suitability

WhP’s solutions help set up, feed and manage website and web content translation:

XpR-Integrate helps you set up a localization friendly content management process that reduces content generation, desktop publishing and localization costs.

XpR-Select brings together a team of in-country experts to translate and review your web content.
We need two weeks to select the most proficient experts; we make sure for consistency purposes that the team is maintained throughout our collaboration.

XpR-Translate is the engine of our web page and  website translation process:

  • Review and analysis of source website assets
  • Content extraction using customer-driven workflows
  • Creation of instructions, validated glossaries and style guide for the translators
  • SEO. Selection of +/- 20 keywords in each language
  • Translation with cultural adaptation of text, graphics, dialog boxes, animations and
    multimedia content
  • Translated content validation

XpR-Drive manages the project and ensures continuous improvement

  • Deadline compliance
  • Integration of last minute changes prior to website launch
  • Quality control for each human task
  • Quality indicators, which are reviewed during the Quarterly Business Reviews
  • Non-compliances are addressed and the root cause corrected
We manage an e-commerce website with 3 500 product references in childcare products, maternity and children’s fashion.  When we decided to target Belgium and Spain, our challenge was to replicate the website navigation and marketing material, emails included, in a very short timeframe. Then we localized the content for Germany, Russia and the international market in English within two months. WhP demonstrated  their expertise, versatility and efficiency in this domain : they met our quality requirements with dedicated solutions for each content type.
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