Since it was founded in 1994 WhP has mainly served technology companies. To meet their requirements we have set high standards in translation quality and our customers know they can rely on us for precision and consistency.

Two weeks to put together a team of expert translators

Any localization service provider has access to expert translators. WhP’s strength is to do so in only two weeks – two weeks to put together a team of WhP-certified in-country linguistic experts, in fields as specific as HP servers, helicopter cockpits or radiotherapy operations.

The XpR-Select localization solution involves three steps:

1. Pre-selection

We identify among the translators available on the market those whose professional expertise corresponds to our customer’s offering. Proficiency in CAT (computer aided technology) tools is mandatory. You want to keep working with the same translator or to hire someone who works for your competitors? There is a good chance he or she is in our database too since it holds 10,000 active translators.

2. Certification

We certify our expert translators by interviewing them and testing their skills using sample content. If the translator passes, he signs a written agreement with WhP. Overall one in five applicants becomes a certified WhP translator and contributes to our localization services.

3. Training and probation

WhP polishes the translators’ expertise by giving them project-specific terminology and style guides, as well as by training them on the processes and tools. New translators are hired for a probation period before being permanently integrated.

A dedicated translator recruitment platform is our expert translator platform. It enables us to attract and select best-in-class translationand subject matter experts. Not only can we crawl through the profiles of its members, we can also post projects and put together a qualified translation team in record time.
Our translators are the cornerstone of our high quality localization services. We nurture our relationships, consistently work with them for a given customer and build on each translation to improve quality.


We have been relying on WhP’s localization services for 20 years. Our salesteam know they can deliver software in any language with WhP’s backup. For the Greenland market, when our own translator searches led nowhere, WhP found professionals translating Kalaallisut. They trained and supported them to deliver the level of quality required in the expected timeframe.
Carole McAllister, Amadeus