Next to Darwin’s finch that illustrates our DITA blog series, the DITA Loc Wire, we’re launching our owl series. The symbol of wisdom, our owl will keep an eye over our new series of posts dedicated to e-learning translation.

Like the DITA Loc Wire, we’ll share our knowledge in bite-size articles, giving you actionable tips to design translation-ready content. Actually, we prefer to say localization-ready, the difference being that localization integrates the tweaks you make to adapt to your learner’s culture.

Another topic we’ll embrace is how to design and manage enterprise-wide content that is single-sourced and used for technical publications and e-learning.

The Owl Wire aims at helping e-learning experts

·        The instructional designers, to create translation-ready content

·        The managers to budget, prepare, drive and deploy multilingual e-learning programs

·        The e-learning technology providers to design translation-ready functionalities

The Owl Wire series results from the best practices we have tried and approved over +2000 client projects in diverse industries, from the beginnings of CBT (computer-based training) in the 90s to today. We’ll also curate best practices from our community, and we plan on creating our own e-learning program featuring guidelines to create translation-ready e-learning content.

We’d love you to subscribe to the Owl Wire. Please comment, share and challenge our advice against your own experience. And if you feel like writing an article for our series and connect with our audience, we’d be delighted to have you as our guest blogger.