Digital Learning is usually the furthest silo in a company’s content process. DITA 1.3 gives us the opportunity to take DITA  to the next level and integrate Digital Learning. The benefits of DITA will expand to the whole enterprise and leverage more cost and time-saving, as well as higher content quality.

We’ll explore this topic in our presentation at DITA North America in San Diego on the 25th of April, when we present “Is DITA 1.3 the missing link between Tech Pub and Digital learning?”, alongside Dawn Stevens, Comtech Services, and Amber Swope, DITA Strategies, two Learning experts. We’ll give an overview of the training-specific features of DITA 1.3, how they meet the training team’s requirements and what companies have achieved so far. We’ll show a real-life example of applying DITA to digital learning and localizing the content – enough material to make you want to go ahead with DITA and Digital Learning.