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Amadeus is providing advanced technology solutions to travel providers (including airlines, hotels, rail operators, cruise and ferry operators, car rental companies, tour operators and insurance companies) and travel agency customers (including online and offline travel agencies). Its 73 local offices market its products and services in 195 countries.

WhP has been Amadeus localization partner since its incorporation in 1994 and is localizing into more than 40 languages:

  • Its software applications
  • The documentation and on line help
  • its training and e-learning courses
  • its customer support information for both Call center operators and customer support websites
  • Its marketing content including its numerous websites

Amadeus and WhP have implemented an agile localization methodology to support Amadeus’ agile development policy: small updates are localized in regular flows without waiting for final release freeze thus significantly reducing time to market.

Amadeus has outsourced to WhP a large part of its internal localization processes. WhP is responsible to manage the planning of releases localization, their validation with the different countries working in Amadeus premises with Amadeus teams.

Amadeus often recommends WhP to its own customers, thus demonstrating its high confidence in WhP’s quality and performance.

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Galderma is a pharmaceutical company specializing in the research, development and marketing of dermatological treatments and was formed in 1981 as a joint venture between Nestlé and L’Oréal. With innovation as driving force, Galderma provides a wide range of medical solutions which meet the highest standards of safety and efficacy. The company today has operations in 31 countries.

WhP has been localizing Galderma dermatologic studies for nearly 10 years into several languages. Thanks to WhP’s expertise in selecting and managing translators from its large network of specialized linguists, as well as our in-house DTP teams, WhP’s Project Manager’s can support the large variety of requests.

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Schneider Electric provides technology and integrated solutions to optimise energy usage in markets like energy & infrastructure, industry, data centres, buildings and residential areas. With a unique portfolio in electrical distribution, industrial automation, critical power and cooling, building management and security, Schneider Electric is the world leader in energy management and efficiency.

In 1994, Schneider Electric was one of WhP’s first clients. In 2007, Schneider Electric outsourced the overall management of its technical documentation for several divisions to Assystem, a major French-based engineering group, and its partner WhP. Since then the overall efficiency was significantly increased thanks to many process improvements such as structured documentation, assisted authoring, set-up of a Globalization Management System, implementation of Machine Translation… Beyond this partnership, Schneider has increased the scope of co-operation to include marketing content and software User Interface for new divisions and new languages…