Nous avons fait appel à WhP pour la traduction de l’interface d’un de nos logiciels ainsi que de l’aide en ligne et de la documentation associée. Rédigés par nos équipes dans Author-It® et exportés en format XML, les fichiers comprenaient de nombreuses balises, un challenge technique pour les traducteurs. WhP nous a accompagné pour mettre en place le workflow et réaliser la relecture directement dans Worldserver. J’ai apprécié la réactivité de l’équipe WhP.
Jérôme Allain, Berger Levrault
We chose WhP to translate the UI of one of our software applications, as well as its online help and technical documentation. The files were authored in Author-It® and exported in an XML format; they contained a significant amount of tags, which made translation challenging. WhP helped us set up the workflow and review the translation directly in Worldserver. I greatly appreciated the team’s reactivity.
Jérôme Allain, Berger Levrault
We recently had a major release of our leading solution, to which we added two languages. We had no latitude on the content freeze date that triggered the global product launch. We demonstrated, with the assistance of Assystem, our documentation management provider and their localization partner WhP, how scalable our processes and technology are: over three months they managed to deliver five million words in ten thousand files and eighty batches translated into seven languages. They coordinated concurrently over 100 translators and proofreaders. I wonder how long it would have taken in our old manual process a few years ago.
Stéphane Lagache, Schneider
Schneider Electric outsourced its Technical Publication management to Assystem, who committed to a significant increase in quality and productivity every year. Through close collaboration between our authoring teams and WhP’s localization teams we achieved these improvements and grew our business with Schneider Electric.
Adrian May, Assystem
We have been relying on WhP’s localization services for 20 years. Our sales team know they can deliver software in any language with WhP’s backup. For the Greenland market, when our own translator searches led nowhere, WhP found professionals translating Kalaallisut. They trained and supported them to deliver the level of quality required in the expected timeframe.
Carole McAllister, Amadeus
Amadeus e-Support Centre is an online web portal and knowledge base providing our customers with 24/7 access to a wide range of learning and support information and tools. It comprises over 5,000 indexed topics. Our localisation partner WhP set up a dedicated process to ensure high translation quality while involving our local organisations to review the content. WhP also optimised the searchability of the localised versions. Thanks to this performance we achieved our targets in all countries.
Marie-Christine Cyprès, Amadeus

Easyvista is a fast growing public software editor deploying its offering in a growing number of countries. Management is fully focused on managing their growth. We were looking for a localization company with a guaranteed level of quality, a large language coverage, specialized in software localization and mature enough to advise us: WhP was our obvious choice.
Sylvain Gauthier, Easyvista
Kurmi publishes software solutions for major Unified Communication providers. Two years ago, we signed a couple of strategic agreements with leading telecom operators in France and Japan who requested support in over 25 national languages. After a stringent selection process, we retained WhP who met our localization needs in less than 2 months and has been a reliable partner since.
Abdel Kander, Kurmi
When I met WhP I realized that the value of their expertise, processes, track record and positioning ties in perfectly with my consultancy work. I have initiated contacts with WhP and most of them were fruitful and brought significant value-added to my clients.
Noz Urbina, Urbina Consulting
As a digital learning solutions leader, we strive to provide the most advanced e-learning services. When it comes to localization we need a partner who masters our technologies and can deliver in virtually any language. WhP has demonstrated their expertise and their ability to manage the whole localization project, right up to populating our LCMS and performing final validation. WhP adds substantial value to our offering by giving our customers the choice between already localized modules or localization they carry out themselves seamlessly from our platform.
Sophie Legrandois, CrossKnowledge
Based in China, Mindray is one of the leading global providers of medical devices and solutions. Contrary to many other localization companies, the WhP Chinese subsidiary provides the same translation quality as the rest of the group, with high local expertise as well as competitive pricing.
Alice, Mindray
We manage an e-commerce website with 3 500 product references in childcare products, maternity and children’s fashion. When we decided to target Belgium and Spain, our challenge was to replicate the website navigation and marketing material, emails included, in a very short timeframe. Then we localized the content for Germany, Russia and the international market in English within two months. WhP demonstrated their expertise, versatility and efficiency in this domain : they met our quality requirements with dedicated solutions for each content type.”
Isabelle Le Cam, Orchestra