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Omega Performance is the only service provider that is 100% focused on performance improvement for financial services, with its training designed to improve a financial institution’s reputation, performance and bottom line. Many of its courses can be delivered in a variety of ways to suit different types of learning needs. WhP has been Omega Performance’s localization partner since 2012.

WhP is supporting Omega Performance whenever it decides to develop the APAC market. Our WHP Asia Pacific team based in Shanghai is managing its highly technical financial training courses. WhP started  localizing its content into 4 Asian languages and  both companies recently established a long-term partnership also involving Omega Performance’s 7 global language packages and marketing materials.



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Crédit Coopératif is a diversified banking group, which offers a wide range of banking products and services, especially to businesses and organisations, in the different sectors in which it is involved. It finds its origins in the Social Economy movement of the late 19th century which led to the creation of today’s large mutual banking groups.

WhP has been Crédit Coopératif localization partner since 2011, when Crédit Coopératif was searching for a long-term, trusted partner with relevant expertise in legal and financial sectors to translate its annual report. Indeed the aim of the company’s annual report is to provide and impress shareholders and investors with information on how the company has been performing as well as expected growth. WhP has been able to provide turnkey solution (effective and best-quality translation, managing the DTP respecting the graphics charter, including smooth co-ordination with its creative agency) and then naturally became Crédit Coopératif official translation vendor for all the financial and communication reports and articles.