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CCP was founded in 1997 with the goal of becoming a leading developer and publisher of multiplayer games. Today, it consists of DUST, its PlayStation 3 game and EVE Online, its successful and award-winning multiplayer game. This link is also the first time a PS3 game has impacted on the political and economic status of an online game.

WhP has been CCP Games’ Localization Service Provider since 2007. During this time, WhP covered a number of services for CCP, from linguistic review of the English source to the preparation of glossaries or style guides as well as translation and linguistic bug fixing on EVE Online (over 2 million source words) and DUST into French, Italian German, Spanish, Russian, Japanese and (partially) Chinese. WhP proactively offers new and innovative solutions to integrate and automate processes and reduce cost of localization to help CCP offers its community of players more content in their native language.