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Amadeus is providing advanced technology solutions to travel providers (including airlines, hotels, rail operators, cruise and ferry operators, car rental companies, tour operators and insurance companies) and travel agency customers (including online and offline travel agencies). Its 73 local offices market its products and services in 195 countries.

WhP has been Amadeus localization partner since its incorporation in 1994 and is localizing into more than 40 languages:

  • Its software applications
  • The documentation and on line help
  • its training and e-learning courses
  • its customer support information for both Call center operators and customer support websites
  • Its marketing content including its numerous websites

Amadeus and WhP have implemented an agile localization methodology to support Amadeus’ agile development policy: small updates are localized in regular flows without waiting for final release freeze thus significantly reducing time to market.

Amadeus has outsourced to WhP a large part of its internal localization processes. WhP is responsible to manage the planning of releases localization, their validation with the different countries working in Amadeus premises with Amadeus teams.

Amadeus often recommends WhP to its own customers, thus demonstrating its high confidence in WhP’s quality and performance.



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CCP was founded in 1997 with the goal of becoming a leading developer and publisher of multiplayer games. Today, it consists of DUST, its PlayStation 3 game and EVE Online, its successful and award-winning multiplayer game. This link is also the first time a PS3 game has impacted on the political and economic status of an online game.

WhP has been CCP Games’ Localization Service Provider since 2007. During this time, WhP covered a number of services for CCP, from linguistic review of the English source to the preparation of glossaries or style guides as well as translation and linguistic bug fixing on EVE Online (over 2 million source words) and DUST into French, Italian German, Spanish, Russian, Japanese and (partially) Chinese. WhP proactively offers new and innovative solutions to integrate and automate processes and reduce cost of localization to help CCP offers its community of players more content in their native language.



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Crédit Coopératif is a diversified banking group, which offers a wide range of banking products and services, especially to businesses and organisations, in the different sectors in which it is involved. It finds its origins in the Social Economy movement of the late 19th century which led to the creation of today’s large mutual banking groups.

WhP has been Crédit Coopératif localization partner since 2011, when Crédit Coopératif was searching for a long-term, trusted partner with relevant expertise in legal and financial sectors to translate its annual report. Indeed the aim of the company’s annual report is to provide and impress shareholders and investors with information on how the company has been performing as well as expected growth. WhP has been able to provide turnkey solution (effective and best-quality translation, managing the DTP respecting the graphics charter, including smooth co-ordination with its creative agency) and then naturally became Crédit Coopératif official translation vendor for all the financial and communication reports and articles.

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Renault Sport Technologies (commonly known as Renault Sport, Renaultsport or RST) is France’s motorsport division of Renault. Renault Sport was responsible for Renault’s sports car racing entries during the 1970s, including its win at the 24 Hours of Le Mans race in 1978 with the Renault Alpine A442.

Renault Sport organizes several national and international one-make racing championships.

  • Formula Renault 3.5L, 2.0L and 1.6L
  • Renault Clio Cup and Renault Eurocup
  • Renault Maxi
  • Dacia Logan Cup

In 2011, Renault Sport was looking for a partner able to support its translation needs during the weekend championships: Press releases have to be translated within an hour of being issued. WhP could match Renault Sport’s request by assigning translators, fond of motorsports, which are on duty during pre-defined days. WhP also translates marketing content for Renault Sport.