The most common place where you are liable to find mentions of software options is in the online help belonging to the product itself.
The next place is in the product documentation (User’s Guide, etc).
But then, it is also very common that in a localization project, we need to deal with software options for other content type:  technical or even general documentation, marketing material, training material… including e-learning contents.

For example, a company is willing to localize their e-learning program related to the enterprise software being deployed.
The training will focus on the practical steps the user has to go through to achieve some expected results, and so, the material will contain numerous references to the software options (menus, dialogs, buttons, etc) found in the product.
But how should these software options be translated and localized?

Depending on our customers, there are basically 4 variants:  it can be either translated, or left in English, or put in English with a translation in parentheses – English (translated), or translated with the English source mentioned in parentheses – translated (English).
We have to define a rule regarding which of these variants will apply to projects.  This rule can be established per language, or per product, or per type of content, can result from a mix of these three parameters.
So long there is no clearly established rule, customers shall indicate which variant shall apply to the localization projects they send.

Here is a brief example of these four variants.  In an EN-FR localization project, software options can be handled as follows:
> Source sentence: Click “Open” to open the file.
> Translation options:
1.       Cliquez sur “Ouvrir” pour ouvrir le fichier.
2.       Cliquez sur “Open” pour ouvrir le fichier.
3.       Cliquez sur “Ouvrir (Open)” pour ouvrir le fichier.
4.       Cliquez sur “Open (Ouvrir)” pour ouvrir le fichier.

When stepping on such issues with references to software options, we shall discuss with you the best solution to choose in order to set a rule for your projects.
Here at WhP, we understand all your concerns!