PC & MAC Fonts


We recently received a message from a customer.

“Hi guys, you made an excellent job for localizing my web content from the Excel file into all requested languages in this very short time! However, Korean content does not display. Maybe you forgot it.

Our answer on the spot: “Hi, Thanks for these nice words. Don’t worry, we delivered Korean as requested with the same quality. The issue seems to be a display issue and it is possible that you are using a Mac with Mac OS while we created the file using a PC/Windows:

Excel on a PC assigns a standard font ( here Dotum for Korean) which might not be available in MacOS after conversion.

Since the project is about your WordPress Web site localization, we guess that the text is due to be uploaded into WordPress and there will not be any problem since the font will automatically be fixed by the WordPress theme.

However, if you want to see it in Excel on a Mac, we will export the content into Unicode text – tab separated and then you will import to import in the MacOs Excel, which will assign the standard Korean font for Mac.”

And eventually the customer answered: “Thanks a lot for your responsiveness, Indeed, I could display the Korean text, which was actually very good, and uploaded it onto WordPress and it worked fine”