For many companies, their web strategy is not just about putting static corporate information online but about adding value to their online presence or even increasing sales through the Internet. 

In today’s Internet-driven economy, professional and effective website localization solutions have become vital for every company willing to connect with international target customers and generate global leads and/or direct orders. Studies have demonstrated that you can target more than 90% of all global online economy opportunities if your website is localized in the following 13 languages: English, Japanese, German, Spanish, French, Chinese, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Korean, Arabic, Russian and Swedish.

Thanks to its rich and diversified experience in helping companies to adapt their global marketing strategy to their local markets, WhP is the perfect translation partner to meet your most demanding website localization and translation requirements.

WhP’s website localization expertise

WhP has extensive experience of using the best practices for the localization of multilingual websites. Whether you use conventional web publishing tools and workflows or have the latest web-content management system, WhP works with you to ensure that the language versions of your website are produced to the highest quality in a cost-effective, time-efficient and culturally-adapted manner suited to your local market.

Here’s a sample of website localization content managed by WhP:



WhP’s website localization services include

WhP’s website localization Process

WhP’s standard website localization process includes the following steps that need to be completed in order to publish a successful multilingual website, and prior to the localization process, WhP will communicate thoroughly with the client in order to fully understand objectives and expectations.

  1. Review and Analysis of source website assets
  2. Selection of professional linguists (marketing translators, copywriters, certified reviewers, subject matter experts)
  3. Build up of industry and client specific terminology and style guide
  4. Project kick-off to advise on the most suitable workflow whether your content is powered by a Web-Content Management System (WCMS) or not.
  5. Content extraction using different client-driven workflows such as:- Directly interfacing and inputting translations into your CMS
    – Receiving content that has been exported to XML or other formats for us to localize and return to you
    – Deployment of a custom connector between your CMS and our GMS (Globalization Management System)
  6. SEO – Keywords Research & Localization (if required and strongly recommended)
  7. Translation with cultural adaptation using professional translators selected according to their expertise in the industry sector
  8. Localization of any graphics, animation, multimedia content
  9. Linguistic testing of the online text by technical and marketing reviewers to ensure the suitability of the text.
  10. Maintenance of the target languages using smart translation tool (CAT tools or translation by proxy)

WhP looks forward to hearing more about your website localization objectives and helping you achieve more in your international business. Don’t hesitate to contact us and speak with our localization experts.