WhP technology customers are turning to structured content, and in particular DITA, to optimize their technical content generation. Paul Coinaud is an invaluable addition to our team as he has come across the same challenges as our customers and successfully implemented DITA in a variety of industries and company configurations.

In his Pre-Sales Consultant position, Paul will contribute to helping our customers successfully combine their DITA and localization processes and enable them to reach their target ROI levels. Paul will also contribute to designing innovative solutions that will further reduce our customers’ time to market, by improving processes such as content review.

“I’m delighted to join a team of Structured Content Localization experts, and to bring my experience with DITA. We’re going to join our forces to be the best DITA Localization Service Providers” says Paul.


An active member of the DITA and Technical Writing communities, Paul has contributed as a speaker to summits and conferences. He also teaches Masters Degree students technical writing at the Nice, France University.

Paul has a total of 10 years experience in technical writing and content management, both as a consultant and within companies in the medical, software and automotive industries. He has gone through several CCMS implementations and focuses on improving User Experience (UX).  His projects have given him the opportunity to successfully roll out single sourcing, topic-based and structured authoring, as well as minimalism.

Paul will be representing WhP alongside Dominique Trouche, the company CEO, at DITA Europe (Munich) and DITA North America (Reston, VA).