The Localization Engineer helps project managers with complex technical tasks such as file analysis, preparation, debugging, management, archiving, etc. The Localization Engineer is able to resolve problems inherent in various localization tasks and processes, and participates in the preparation of budgets and schedules. He/she is partly responsible for customer satisfaction.

Responsibilities include

  • file analysis & preparation
  • preparing instructions & task kits for external teams
  • TM and terminology management
  • carrying out regular quality checks on material during the localization cycle
  • project database maintenance
  • troubleshooting and problem solving
  • identifying tool/resource requirements
  • accommodating client requirements
  • customer satisfaction
  • coordinating problem identification and resolution activities between translators and customers
  • providing technical support to translation vendors
  • consultancy, customer feedback
  • assisting the Project Manager on a daily basis


  • effective written and verbal communication skills
  • knowledge of linguistic and technical localization issues
  • understanding of the localization process
  • ability to multi-task
  • keeping up with new technologies
  • people management (team leading, conflict handling)
  • ability to judge between independent action and support-seeking
  • adherence to confidentiality for all WhP internal information and customer information
  • ability to lead and motivate
  • high standards of quality


  • degree or diploma in Software Engineering/Computer Science and/or Language Science
  • minimum 4 years’ experience as a localization project manager’s assistant or localization engineer
  • you must be very flexible, with proven problem-solving skills, have dedication and initiative, as well as strong organizational abilities
  • proven qualification in English (written and spoken) plus at least one other language
  • extensive knowledge of the industry’s leading localization tools
  • knowledge of Project Management tools
  • awareness of project management procedures and methodology